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The Weasel himself – Pauly Shore

By Gabrielle Nomura on February 3, 2012 – No Comment

By Gabrielle Nomura

A career in entertainment was virtually pre-ordained for Pauly Montgomery Shore, also known by his alter-ego “The Weasel.” At age 4, he sat on the lap of Elvis himself; Shore’s father, comedian Sammy Shore, opened for Elvis during the early ’70s. Around the same time, Shore’s parents opened The Comedy Store on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, giving their son the rare opportunity to hang out and be inspired by such rising talents as Robin Williams, David Letterman and the late Sam Kinison, who became Pauly’s mentor.

Before he starred in beloved cheesy ’90s movies, “Encino Man,” “Son-in-law” and “Bio-Dome,” he was an MTV host sensation, rising to national attention during a strong four-year run on the TV network.

SCENE: Describe your standup in one word.

PS: Laid back.

SCENE: Do you stay in touch with any of your costars from some of your most well-known films such as “Encino Man” or “Bio-Dome”? Sean Astin, Brandan Fraser, etc.?

PS: I try to, but they won’t return my calls.

SCENE: How rude!

PS: No, I’m just kidding. I just did a show with Andy Dick in the fall (Shore co-starred with Dick in the film, “In the Army Now,” 1994). No one really stays in touch with other actors. If you bump into them, you say hi and have fond memories of those times together. But working on a movie is kind of like a circus, where you just get together with these people for a limited time, then move on.

SCENE: What is your favorite movie you’ve made and why?

PS: “Son in Law” really took me out of the teeny-bopper genres and put me into mainstream awareness.

SCENE: You gained national attention from 1989 to 1994, as an MTV host, and even had your own show, “Totally Pauly” at one point. Describe what MTV did for your career.

PS: When I came on to the MTV scene at the time, they were very East-Coast based, not stuck up, but kind of anal and by-the-books. Then my stuff just kind of came out of nowhere and broke the mold. I was California-laid-back going into an East Coast establishment. I knew then that my style was either going to really take off or it was going to suck. Thankfully, it didn’t suck.

SCENE: You mentioned that your standup style was laid back. Does that have to do with your West Coast roots?

PS: No, I mean, I’m 43 now. I’m a lot different now than I was back then. Back then, life was more of a party. Now, it’s pretty stuck up, it’s good and it’s bad. Luckily I’m not divorced, I don’t have kids who hate me or anything. I’ve had my ups and my downs, but I think I’ve come out on top.

SCENE: What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

PS: I like to go to the Russian-Turkish bathhouse and relax with the Jews. Do you think people would be surprised by that? I’m not sure.

SCENE: Tell me about the relationship between you and the audience during your routine on stage.

PS: It’s like I’m a lion tamer, and the audience is a big lion you have to keep grouped together, or I’m a doctor who goes in there and operates on the audience.

Pauly Shore will perform at the Parlor Live Comedy Club on Feb. 9-11. For tickets, go to