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Some like it HOT

By Keegan Prosser on April 29, 2013 – No Comment


April Macie is not promiscuous. Spicy? Sure. Fiery? You betchya. Scandalous? No. But her jokes might be.

“I was that girl in high school who had rumors spread about me,” Macie says.

That’s why the busty red head has made it her life’s goal to ensure other women don’t feel the same way, battling stereotypes one dirty joke at a time.

Known for her risqué jokes, Macie got her big break as a contestant on Season 4 of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” – where she gained notoriety for being the “hot, funny” one. The schtick landed her a recurring role on the Howard Stern and Bob and Tom radio shows.

Macie’s other accolades include appearances on E! Entertainment, Fuel TV, HSN and Access Hollywood. She’s also participated in a number of Showtime specials, and will host the network’s AVN awards this month.

You see – Macie’s not shy talking about sex. In fact, it’s kind of what she does.

“You shouldn’t be ashamed of sex,” Macie explains. “You should be ashamed of playing badminton – that’s weird.”

Find out what else the funny girl had to say below:

SCENE: How long have you been doing stand-up?
April Macie: I wanna say it’s coming up on 12 years. But it’s been my living for like seven years.

SCENE: How did you get started?
AM: I have a slightly dysfunctional family – so I think a lot of it came from that. Like, my mom is the type of person who will throw back a 30-pack of Keystone and paint pictures of Michael Bolton in the basement.

SCENE: What’s your favorite thing about doing stand-up?
AM: I think people have enough crappy stuff happening in their lives. So if you can make people laugh and forget what’s going on in their life, I think that’s a great gift. And there is is always free booze at the club – which is a plus.

SCENE: If you had to describe your act in two words, what would they be?
AM: Dirty animal. No – I always say I hope to empower women one wiener joke at a time – which is more than two words.

SCENE: Why is it important to you to empower women?
AM: I think the fact that sex is demonized in our society is ridiculous. Like “Law and Order: SVU” is a rape show. It’s like, so you can show sex on TV if it’s against her will?

SCENE: Can you expand on that a bit?
AM: I grew up with my mom being called a slut her entire life – even though she was married to my dad the entire time, and he was the only man she was with. In our society, it’s like, if you have big boobs, and you live in a small town, you are the town whore. I think if you tell women to not be prideful with their sexuality, you are destroying their self esteem.

SCENE: You’re jokes are known to be a bit risqué or raunchy. How did that come about?
AM: When you do stand-up, sex is the only thing in the room that everybody does.

SCENE: I see you have red hair (like me!) Can you give us some insight on your fiery locks?
AM: My natural hair color is blonde. Sometimes, when a relationship is going crappy, I’ll try to go back to blonde – like being a blonde will make my relationship less crappy. But it’s still the same crappy relationship. To me, red reads funnier. And there aren’t as many of us, especially in L.A., where everyone is blonde. We’re like unicorns.

SCENE: Last year you participated in “Snoop Dogg Presents: The Bad Girls of Comedy.” How did that gig come about?
AM: I had done a few things on Showtime and one of the [executives] recommended me. Also, I think they needed the token white broad.

SCENE: How was working with Snoop?
AM: He was really nice – he kept calling me Strawberry Shortcake. I felt like, “Hey, I’ve made it. I got a nickname from Snoop.”

SCENE: What can people expect from your set?
AM: They can expect a lot of relatable stuff about dating, relationships and sex – and dysfunctional families. Well, I guess the dysfunctional family stuff might not be as relatable – unless they have a mom who paints pictures of Michael Bolton too.

April Macie performs at Parlor Live Comedy Club May 2-4. $15-30, HERE.