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Handsome and stylish – these 5 have it all

By Gabrielle Nomura on November 7, 2011 – No Comment

Style Watch column by Rose Dennis

Handsome and stylish – what a combination. Those who have it always look fashionable. Here  are my Top Five Men who have their own personal style.

Duell Fisher

I remember when Duell formed Team Photogenic way back in 2001 and it is now the photography company hired by most event organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

In this photo Duell is wearing the perfectly designed Bordeaux custom tuxedo on the red carpet. Besides looking good, he enjoys traveling, watching movies and reading gossip magazines.

Lucien Postlewaite

Lucien Postlewaite joined Pacific Northwest Ballet as an apprentice in 2003, was promoted to soloist in 2007 and then principal in 2008.

Off stage, Lucien has a love for clothes – and knows how to showcase his creativity in what he wears. He also likes to travel, spend time with friends, and eat great food. He does this all in style, of course.

Mark Pellegrino

During the day, Mark Pellegrino must dress to impress in the business world. He sports the perfectly tailored wool suit, pressed white dress shirt, silk tie and polished leather dress shoes for his professional job at Rainier Group Investment Advisory in Bellevue.

In his leisure time, Mark enjoys being comfortable by wearing designer jeans with a relaxed blazer and shirt.

John Stevens

John Stevens is partner in Stevens-Williams, a public relations and marketing services company specializing in travel, home design and luxury goods.

I continue to admire his great taste in clothing and accessories. John shared that in the summer he “likes to go to his lake home in Idaho where he enjoys swimming, long walks with his Corgi mix, Duke (a shelter rescue), wonderful patio entertaining, and boating.”

Ian MacNeil

Ian MacNeil is a true international and domestic entrepreneur.

Next to his passion for business he has a creative side. Ian is a painter specializing in acrylics and encaustic painting techniques. He is also an accomplished golfer, a private pilot, an avid skier and wine enthusiast.

I enjoy seeing him at events because he has no fear of standing out, which is a great!

Rose Dennis is a Greater Seattle style icon. Singled out by numerous publications, such as Seattle Magazine, she’s been crowned as Seattle’s Best Dressed, a Signature Style Uptown Girl and as a reigning tastemaker.