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Fun for the entire family: Timber! Outdoor Music Festival

By Keegan Prosser on July 16, 2013 – No Comment

By Keegan Prosser

When Kevin Sur got involved in helping plan Doe Bay Festival on Orcas Island five years ago, making the event a family-friendly destination wasn’t at the heart of his mission. For him and his partners, the goal was to make a festival artists would be excited about – one they would want to pull up to after 12 grueling hours on the road.

The fact it ended up being something the entire family could enjoy was a bit of a fluke.

“We realized that Doe Bay was this really family-friendly thing when we saw all these people bringing kids – and these families having fun at our events,” says Sur.

As part of Seattle-based production company, Artist Home, Sur and his partners have become the go-to team for this type of event. That’s why, after seeing the success of Doe Bay and the group’s Summer Bonfire Series (at Seattles’ Golden Gardens), King County Parks approached Sur. The goal: to create a new festival at Tolt-MacDonald Park, just outside Carnation.

“[King County Parks] had a vision of it being a perfect place for a music festival – and more so, a perfect place for our kind of music festival,” Sur says.

After viewing the 540 acres of pristine Puget Sound community space at the confluence of the Tolt and Snoqualmie rivers, Timber! was born.

Taking place July 26-27, the inaugural Timber! Outdoor Music Festival is looking to follow in the same tradition of already beloved Artist Home productions, but on a bit of a bigger scale.

The festival itself will include four stages: the main stage; the Campfire stage, located in a mini-amphitheatre built by the Boy Scouts; an indoor stage at Pete’s, a honky-tonk spot located in Carnation; and a stage inside a barn on the park grounds.

And the talent? You’ll find sets from the Helio Sequence, Fruit Bats, Quasi, Noah Gundersen, Lemolo, Bryan John Appleby and Kithkin, among others.

“Timber! is already going to be a lot louder of a festival than Doe Bay,” Sur says.

Additionally, the festival will boast a variety of outdoor activities, including star talks with local astronomy clubs, mountain biking excursions with the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and tons of delicious food from some of the Northwest’s best food trucks. And beer gardens – and root beer gardens – will abound.

“People come to these events because it’s more than just a big band on a lineup,” Sur says.

Rather, it’s an experience.

Timber! Outdoor Music FesTival takes place July 26-27 at Tolt-MacDonald Park, near Carnation. Learn more about the festival – and buy tickets – HERE.