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Fashionable fingertips

By Keegan Prosser on May 3, 2013 – No Comment


Caela Bailey knows good art. The Seattle-based chanteuse, dancer and all around-entertainer, has been been performing and touring with her family’s vaudeville troupe, The Royal Famille DuCaniveaux, since she was 2. That’s why Bailey respects her nail artist, Jan Bailey (no relation) at Shanti Salon, as just that: an artist.

“I think my nails say that I pay attention to detail. I grab at any and every opportunity to express myself,” says Caela, who gets acrylic nail enhancements with a variety of designs put on top of her real nails. Sometimes, there’s even tiny jewels or gold studs.

Looking through Caela’s Instagram feed, @misscaela206, one would find many portraits of her fingertips: perfectly uniform “stiletto nails” in one, a menagerie of wild colors, shapes, patterns and adornments in another.

“Ten new pieces of original art now showing on my hands,” the caption reads.

In recent years, nails have become a trendy fashion canvas, says Seattle style expert, Alix Rose (read her blog at: It gives ladies a chance to have a little fun without the commitment of hair dye or a tattoo.

Nude nails were popular on the spring runways of heavyweights such as Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. But designers including Nicole Miller and Vivienne Westwood showed off their latest collections with models sporting two-tone manicures and metallic varnishes.

“Getting your nails done isn’t just for an occasion anymore, it’s become part of the routine,” says Rose, who visits the salon every two weeks.

However, one need not visit the salon to get the look. Rose recommends getting in some “me” time by investing in a bottle of OPI for their variety of colors and funny names (“Blushingham Palace,” “Pink-ing of You” “Eiffel for this Color” “Ladies and Magenta-Men” “Melon of Troy” etc.)

Indeed, nails definitely add a touch of glamour and femininity that can be really intriguing on a woman.

“I think the only misconception that I get because of [my long nails] is that I don’t work or use my hands.” Caela says. “Sometimes I laugh at myself when I am working in the garden with these bad boys.”

There’s lots of places to get your nails “did” on the Eastside. Here are a few:

eN salon musee nails by Yoko

13112 NE 20th st., suite 500, Bellevue

Featuring the “3D” nail art style from Japan. Services start at $35. Learn more at Yoko’s blog,

Patsy James Exclusive Nail Salon

Studio 25 – Sola Salon Studios
909 112th Ave NE, Suite 105, Bellevue

Patsy Mulvihill is the only flagship service provider for butter LONDON, offering the brand’s waterless, butter LONDON
manicure and pedicure and other services. Prices start at $35.

Andy’s Nails

13400 NE 20th St. Suite 26, Bellevue
Find Andy’s on Facebook (“Andy’s Nails Official” or Yelp).

Andy’s regulars love him for his affordable and professional nail service: Only $32 for a manicure and pedicure.

Pictures courtesy of Alix Rose and Caela Bailey