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Editor’s note: Family Traditions

By Keegan Prosser on October 26, 2012 – No Comment

Photo by Carey Rose

Dear reader,

I think it’d be safe to say that at one point or another, we’ve all had to deal with a family member who decided, this year, we’re going to try something new for Thanksgiving.

For me, it was my dad, and it was Thanksgiving 2005. Deep frying the turkey was all the rage, and of course, my dad HAD to try it out. Oh, Dad.

Flash forward to Thanksgiving morning and this is the scene: my mom, my two brothers, our family friend Dmitry and I are circled around a huge pot full of oil in the backyard – Dad’s got the turkey on a huge pole, headed toward the pot – and I’m thinking, “Nothing good can come of this.”

Step 1: Dad drops the turkey in the pot.

Step 2: Flames erupt from said pot.

Step 3: The Prosser family runs for cover.

In the same tradition of “Tent Fight 2004” Mom is yelling at Dad, my brothers are laughing – and I’m checking to make sure my eyebrows are still in place.

By the time things calmed down, dad was claiming the turkey was done and returns to the pot. As it turns out, he’s right (Mom hates that) – and dinner, fried to perfection, is served.

For our November issue of the Scene, we’re skipping the chaos that comes with deep-frying the turkey. In fact, we’re skipping the mess all together, and showing you how to take the bird directly from the freezer – to the oven.

We’ll also take a look at Chase Culp’s Rock-It Music Academy (yep, there is a school of rock on the Eastside), the struggles that come with being an actor in the Pacific Northwest and – of course – how to avoid the wine rut.

Because, really, the only solution for a dad with a Thanksgiving experiment on the mind is a nice glass of wine – and maybe some protective gear.

-Keegan Prosser