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Eastside businesses help find THE LOOK

By Keegan Prosser on February 25, 2013 – No Comment

Designer Julie Danforth, winner of THE LOOK with her winning designs on models from TCM Models and Talent. Mike Adams Photography


Television viewers got a look at THE LOOK in February, a reality competition in which 10 local fashion designers vied for a chance to win money to expand their design business, upcoming editorial coverage in 425 Magazine and the opportunity to display their collection at Neiman Marcus this spring.

The show, from Feb. 18-25 on KING5’s award-winning Evening Magazine, featured five challenges and the elimination of two designers after each of the first four.

The designers had only 14 hours to complete their design for each challenge , which became very stressful for them to finish on time and have it “fit and look fabulous” on their model.

The 10 designers selected to compete were Justin Zachary Bartle, Gingerlyn Bellus, Sonia Chehade, Maxwell Cunanan, Julie Danforth, Lisa Hunter, Iris Klein, Monica Kitchen, Deyante Weather and Tina Witherspoon.

The first challenge was to create a cocktail dress inspired by designer accessories available at Eastside retailer David Lawrence.

For week two the designers shopped at Goodwill to select clothing that they had to redesign, inspired by the trends for Resort and Spring 2013 shared by Rachel Roberts, PR Manager at Neiman Marcus.

In week three the designers were asked to create a paper dress made from designer wallpaper from SJW Wallpaper in Seattle. They also had to incorporate THE LOOK’s exclusive sponsor Neuro Drinks beverage bottles into their design.

For week four, they met with Dave Masin at Masin’s Fine Furniture and Interior Design where the 2013 interior design trends were shared. The designers then selected their interior designer fabrics and created a day dress for the spring season.

The finale was filmed at The Shops at The Bravern, which was hosted by chef John Howie.

For that last event, a drawing selected one of the previously eliminated designers to come back and compete with the final two. They were each given the same fabric to create five different day and evening looks. Gilda’s Club Seattle was the finale fashion show beneficiary.

THE LOOK 2013 winner was Julie Danforth, the designer previously eliminated in the competition. Her inspiration came from famous fashion designers of the ‘60s and the iconic celebrities who wore them. Her classic design lines and timeless silhouettes were combined with subtle sexiness and sophistication, all which won the judges votes. She deserved the $10,000.

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Rose Dennis writes about events in Bellevue and the Greater Seattle area. She lives in Bellevue. She was co-producer of the event and a judge of the competition.