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Crazy. Sexy. Dirty. (with Bill Bellamy)

By Keegan Prosser on September 24, 2012 – No Comment


Comedian Bill Bellamy may be best known for being the man that coined the term “Booty Call,” but he’s been up to a lot more since then. In addition to recently releasing his Showtime special “Crazy, Sexy, Dirty,” Bellamy can be seen back on TV this fall starring in the sitcom “Mr. Box Office” with Jon Lovitz, Gary Busey and Vivica A. Fox.

The eldest of three children, Bellamy says he uses his real life experiences – as a funny guy, a father and an entertainer – as stepping-stones to his comedy. His groundbreaking new comedy tour, “Ladies Night Out,” featuring some of today’s hottest comics, comes to the Parlor later this month.

SCENE: I hear you got in to comedy as a result of entering a male beauty pageant. Can you tell me about that?
Bill Bellamy: There was a big sorority that did it every year at my college. And I just wanted to win that money. I was a struggling college student – and I thought if I could win $500, I could party and buy some books. So for my talent, I did comedy.

SCENE: You’ve been credited as the man who coined the term “Booty Call” (during Def Jam Comedy Jam). Can you speak to how that came about?
BB: I wrote a joke about how guys call girls late on a Friday nights (to come over). And I had been doing [the joke] in clubs and people were just freaking out – they thought it was hilarious. It’s so funny because I didn’t know it was gonna take it off like that – and now people are like ‘Oh, that’s a Booty Call.’

SCENE: Can you describe your act in one word?
BB: Crazysexydirty. I say that because that’s my new comedy special out on DVD right. And if I’m ever asked to put myself in one category, it’d have to be all those words. They are the three aspects of my personality.

SCENE: You talk about musicians a lot in your comedy (Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Jay-Z). Why do these people provide for good material?
BB: They’re such good personas that people are familiar with – and what I talk about are generally things [about them] that people don’t notice until I talk about it.

SCENE: Can you give a specific example?
BB: Like Lil Wayne – he is really talented. But he is really hard to look at. He’s really weird looking.

SCENE: You’re also an actor. How does acting in a movie differ from stand-up?
BB: With stand-up, there is instant response. You see right away if people like your joke. But with movies, you don’t know how it will end up – you don’t know if people will see it, or if people will like it, or if you will get edited down. For me, every time I am on screen, I try to do my best. And I hope the part that they keep is golden.

SCENE: You have two young children. Do you think being a dad has influenced or changed your comedy?
BB: I think it’s given me different departments to go into. Now I see my life as a dad, and what my parents were trying to explain to me. [My kids] bring such a different amount of emotion and experience that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have them. And I cherish that.

SCENE: You previously hosted “Last Comic Standing” and “Who’s Got Jokes,” shows in which new comics compete. What are you looking for when it comes to new talent?
BB: I’m looking for uniqueness – people with their own perspective, their own style. And these guys that I am bringing out [for the Ladies Night Out tour] – they are just downright, outrageously funny. They’ll make you spit out your water.

SCENE: What can fans expect from the Ladies Night Out tour?
BB: We are going to make the ladies go crazy. We’re crazy, too. We’re just gonna party together.

SCENE: So what do you have coming up next?
BB: My new show, “Mr. Box Office,” is premiering this fall and it will be syndicated in Seattle.

Bellamy brings his “Ladies Night Tour 2012” to Parlor Live Comedy Club Sept. 28-30. $15-30.