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Cozy Colors

By Keegan Prosser on November 14, 2012 – No Comment

With the days getting shorter and the temperature dropping, fall is in full swing. And, now that you’ve put away the patio furniture, it’s time to spruce up your home with new seasonal items, colors and textures.

But just because Halloween and Thanksgiving are the major holidays in fall doesn’t mean you should only deck your home with pumpkins, goblins or turkeys. There are plenty of ways to incorporate the look and feel of the season with textures, finishes and accent pieces. As the weather gets cooler, add colorful blankets and throws in different weaves to add interest to your existing furniture. Engage all your senses by incorporating scented candles throughout your home – fall staples like apple, caramel and cinnamon will make every room more warm and inviting.

Don’t feel like you need to buy all new decor for the season. Spray paint is a simple and inexpensive way to update existing items you may already have around the house, like candlesticks, a serving tray or picture frames in the new, fashionable colors.

Once you have found the items that you want to makeover, lightly sand them to ensure a smooth surface. Next, wipe down the surface to remove any dust or debris. Apply even coats of primer and then add the color of your choice. It should be dry to the touch in just minutes.

As a focal point in living rooms, the mantel is an ideal location to display your new beautiful fall creations. Adding lighted elements, like lanterns or candles, can also bring additional warmth to the room. Don’t have a mantel? Don’t worry – instead, your dining table can be made over to display your seasonal decor pieces. To protect the top from any scratches or stains, place a runner underneath your new tablescape. Burlap is a perfect choice for this time of year, helping you bring the look and feel of fall right into your dining room.

Once your indoors are looking grand, focus on outdoor elements, such as the front porch, to create a welcoming feel for trick-or-treaters or holiday guests. Easily transform boring, clay pots with a few coats of spray paint; try one of the season’s richest colors, like hunter green, for a woodsy feel. Once dry, add mums in gold or purple and place them on your porch. Continue your makeover with a new door mat and wreath on your front door. Not only will you increase your home’s curb appeal, but you’ll also show guests that they’re welcome in your home.

Don’t wait until December to begin decorating for the season. Fall is the perfect time to make an impact and showcase your design style and vibrant new seasonal colors throughout any area of the house. - ARA content