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Twitter #BullSh**

By Gabrielle Nomura on March 18, 2011 – No Comment

Kanye West???s Twitter account is one of the more heinous examples of self-serving douchebaggery online. Kanye???s followers as of March 14, 2011: 2.7 million. People Kanye follows as of March 14, 2011: zero. The Louis Vuitton Don is not alone. I???m calling BS on you, Twitter-user-who-purposely-tries-to-have-way-more-followers-than-people-you???re-following. And tweeps, this ego-stroking trend is not just a celebrity thing.

I thought the pointless popularity contests of who has the most online friends left with Myspace, the Internet???s abandoned amusement park. Today, it should be more about quality, rather than quantity. I de-friend old high school classmates and random acquaintances on Facebook all the time. On Twitter, I follow whoever interests with me without keeping tally (I love you, @PNBallet, @LadyGaga and @TheEllenShow!) I am now following 249 people, more than the 147 people are following me. As someone who has left the popularity contests up to high-school students and Kanye West, that???s good enough for me.

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